President Park Hotel

Via Vampolieri n° 49 95021 Aci Castello (CT)

The ODL Teacher  School 2017 will be held at President Park Hotel, an elegant  4-star establishment  with a panoramic location, overlooking the coast of Acitrezza, at the outskirts of Catania (http://www.presidentparkhotel.com/en/).The coastline of fertile lava land between Catania and Acireale is known as the Cyclops because of a Homeric legend, according to which the towering black rocks that rise from the sea – really large pieces of solidified lava – were thrown by the Cyclops Polyphemus, in a desperate attempt to halt Ulysses on the run. Moreover, the Eastern Sicily provides visitors with picturesque views of landscapes immersed in a lush green in charming union between blue Sea and red of fire Etna.

Participants are expected to arrive through the Catania International Airport Fontanarossa “Vincenzo Bellini”, approximately 20 km distance from the hotel. 

Getting to the School’s Venue from the Catania International Airport Fontanarossa “Vincenzo Bellini”

The best option to get to the School Venue from the Catania International Airport is by taxi. The trip takes about 20  minutes and the price ranges approximately among 25 and 40 Euro (up to 4 people) - 60 Euro (minibus up to 8 people).

To get to the President Park Hotel from the Catania airport by public transportation ODL delegates should take two buses. The first is AST 401 (or 411) from the airport to the center of Catania (journey cost about 2 euros). From the Catania city center you should take bus AST 430 (or 415) and get off to Acitrezza stop (journey cost about 2 euros). From the stop ODL participants can reach the hotel in 15 minutes walk.

A very good option, especially for accompanying people, is to rent a car at the Catania Airport, so that have the possibility to explore all the surrounding areas.






Scientific Committee

DEUSTO: Olga Dziabenko

UNIPA: Dominique Persano Adorno, Nicola Pizzolato, Claudio Fazio

LIEDM: Airina Volungeviciene, Vida Zviniene, Marius Sadauskas

EA: Eugenia Kypriotis

HITSA: Elise-Marit Kippar

Local Organizing Committee

Dominique Persano Adorno, Università di Palermo, Italy

Nicola Pizzolato, ITET Pio La Torre, Palermo, Italy

Guido Cappellani, STB San Luca Evangelista, Palermo, Italy

e-mail: dominique.persanoadorno@unipa.it

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